RoomView is our new schedule presentation system. RoomView has very simple design goals:

#1. Use existing data 

If you have a scheduling system then you have a data source. If you are already entering schedules into that system, RoomView can extract schedule information for presentation to the target audience. By collecting data from existing scheduling systems we cut the time it takes to get the system going and completely remove the data update cycle. The data on the displays is managed through normal processes and reused as needed by RoomView.

Currently we are mining data from Infosilem Enterprise as it is the most widely used system for college and university campuses. We continue to explore other sources of schedule data, such as those used to coordinate public meeting spaces and conference centres.

#2. Present the data beautifully and understandably


“DoorView” allows for schedule resources to have a dedicated schedule display.

The DoorView part is our rugged wall-mounted display that presents room-specific data, close to the room entrance. The unit is 7×7 inches and about 1.5 inches thick. It is a PoE (power over ethernet) device so it only requires one (1!) cable to the mounting point. Its rugged construction helps to withstand the rigours of daily exposure to public space. 16 gauge steel and 0.125″ Lexan screen guards mean that the device can withstand a rough day at school and keep on working.


“HallView” displays a large amount of information at a glance!

The HallView signs gather a large collection of rooms and present the current information for all scheduled resources for the at-a-glance approach. The HallView part is actually the display driver which will push content to any size 1080p wide-format display.

Read more about system technical specifications and requirements.