ScaleBox2 Process Scale Controller

ScaleBox2 Process Scale Controller


ScaleBox2 is Escherlogic’s second generation Web based, high performance Scale Controller.  Specifically designed for process flow metering and monitoring scale operations.  The ScaleBox2 uses advanced statistical methods and control strategies to interface with minimal mechanical scale configurations.  DIN rail mounting and removable terminal blocks makes it simple to install and wire.

As a configuration example; to accurately monitor and totalize a bulk material stream requires only a single gate hopper scale with load cells as oppose to a typical 2-gate scale with an inlet hopper as well as a weighing hopper.  This design allows the bulk material to flow unimpeaded into the scale. This is referred as the GIW (gain-in-weight) operation.

ScaleBox2 High Performance Process Scale Controller

ScaleBox2 High Performance Process Scale Controller

The ScaleBox2 can have up to two strain gauge load cells  directly connected with trim pots for balance adjustment.  More load cells can be connected using a summing box.  Sample rates can be set from 50/100/200 samples per second  with 5 decimal place resolution.

Load Cell configuration page

Load Cell configuration page

Up to 8W 24VDC solenoid valve can be directly driven by the scale box to control an inlet or outlet gate of the scale.

The 4-20mA output from the ScaleBox2 can directly drive as much as an 800 ohm load without an external supply.  This would be typically used to control and outlet positioned for LIW operation, or it could be used to indicate flow rate in GIW mode.

The ScaleBox2 is capable of operating and powering a solenoid valve as well as provide a 4-20mA source for a positioner from either PoE, a 24VAC transformer, or a 24VDC (regulated / unregulated) supply.

A high speed FLASH file system is used to store Web content, configuration files and scripts and a battery-backed SRAM file is used to store all the dynamic data from the scale such as the minute-by-minute log files and internally generated graphs. All of which can be accessed via the FTP server.

ScaleBox2 configured for GIW operation showing last 6 hours of Flow Rate

ScaleBox2 configured for GIW operation showing last 6 hours of Flow Rate

An RJ12 jack on the ScaleBox2 is designed to support an HTTPserial Terminal which will allow you to have a local display to monitor and control the scale without having to use a browser device. This interface uses the same HTTP server used for Web content to output to the HTTPserial Terminal and as such will to allow you to easily create and customize your own operator interface.

HTTPserial Terminal NEMA rated to provide a local user interface.

HTTPserial Terminal NEMA rated to provide a local user interface.

The network interface of the ScaleBox2 supports several ways to interface with the scale:

- HTTP Web Pages provide a quick and simple user interface for you to control, monitor, and configure any aspect of the scale operation. The ScaleBox2 also features an internal BMP generator for charts and graphs so data may be viewed on any browser with no required plugins etc. HTTP can also be used for machine to machine interface.

-TCP/Modbus for machine interface and control.

-Telnet will provide a low level terminal interface to all functions of the scale.

-FTP File Transfer Protocol will allow you to upload and download web content, scale log files, etc. to and from the scale.

-SeNSoRNET support for remote logging and monitoring via

A 24Hr view of a ScaleBox2's Flow Rate on SeNSoRNET

A 24Hr view of a ScaleBox2′s Flow Rate on SeNSoRNET

Other network protocols used for network support:

-DHCP client for network setting.

-SNTP client for time services.

-LLDP for PoE power management with networks switches.

-DNS client for name resolving.


The ScaleBox2 can be configured to operate as:

  • a precision Loss-in-Weight (LIW) Scale with a single inlet gate and a proportional (4-20mA) outlet gate for continous outlet flow feeding and weight accumulation.
  • a Gain-in-Weight (GIW) Scale with a single outlet gate for precision flow monitoring and weight accumulation.
ScaleBox2 configuration page.

ScaleBox2 configuration page.

Load Cell #1/#2 Connection Legend

  • E+ : Excitation positive.
  • S+ : Excitation Sense positive – if not used jumper to E+.
  • E- : Excitation negative.
  • S- : Excitation Sense negative – if not used jumper to E-.
  • O+ : Signal Output positive.
  • O- : Signal Output negative.
  • GND : Shield / Ground if provided.

I/O Connection Legend

  • AO : 4-20mA Analog output (+) Max. 800ohm
  • GND : 4-20mA Analog output return (-/GND)
  • IN : LIW Run interlock input (must jumper to GND or use a dry contact to run)
  • GND : LIW Run interlock return/GND
  • S- : Solenoid valve 24VDC (-) (Should be coil only)
  • S+ : Solenoid valve 24VDC (+) (Should be coil only)
  • P1 : Optional AC/DC power input Transformer Sec./(+DC)/(-DC)
  • P2 : Optional AC/DC power input Transformer Sec./(-DC)/(+DC)

Note1: AC/DC power is required if you are NOT using a PoE Network connection.

Note2: Terminal blocks are removable but are very tight. A small flat screw driver may be required to carefully lift the blocks from their mating pins.

Note3: Any length up to 25ft standard 6p4c RJ11/12 cable can be used to connect the HTTPserial Terminal to the jack marked ‘Display’

Note4: LED located by Trim pot #1 will blink at the Load Cell sample rate divide by 8.

Note5: Shorting jumper located by the RJ11/12 Display jack will delete any ‘netconfig.csv’ file to force the ScaleBox2 to look for a DHCP server for its network settings.

Note6: Battery backup provided by a CR2032 located under the hinged top cover.